Our Story

Maison Ismenia is a unique company that is here to offer you an experience that is made with Love. We have carefully selected unique brands and

manufacturers and together with them, we created a product that is sexy and luxurious.


A product that is either good for your skin or beautiful for your home and uniquely packaged that it can be gifted as well.

The attention put on each product that is offered is always from the perspective of uniqueness, comfort, value-added features, and simply beautiful.


We want to offer you a product that makes you feel special when you receive it at home. Every detail has been thought through from the box to the end product. It has been created in such a way that the slogan “made with love" drips all over it

The heart of the MI is Ismenia, Ismenia is a person with a natural attraction. When she enters a room, and often just minding her business, someone steps up to her. For no other reason than that they are drawn to her and want to know who she is. Interestingly enough, after that short interaction, Ismenia offers them that one thing they need that day. Maybe something subtle like a smile, a knowledge fact, a heartfelt motivation, and sometimes a kick in the ass they need to move their lives into a certain direction. Maison Ismenia is no different, It is a company that attracts you to yourself.



Why at first Towels? Well, simple, Ismenia has sensitive skin, and normal terry cotton towels hurt her skin and worsen her eczema. So, she went in a three-year search of towels that would help her condition, but at the same time would pamper herself and just be beautiful. She was looking for a towel that felt amazing on her skin, helped her condition, and made her feel special and pampered every time she used it. A towel is often an overlooked commodity and often under-appreciated. Its main purpose is to dry your skin. But consider this? Can it be inspiring? 


Imagine having a towel that hugs you every day and even after multiple uses it still feels the same. A towel that is absorbent and quickly dries after use. You also dry your skin without feeling you are exfoliating your skin with sandpaper. Afterward applying a nice oil or crème on your skin. Won’t you just feel rejuvenated and powerful? You took an often random 10 minutes in the morning and made it your moment to focus on yourself and be present. So, you can take on life that can be chaotic and busy and where the self is often forgotten. We want to help you win back 10 minutes of your life that is only yours and private even with kids running around. Shall I start about the moment before you go to sleep, where often you have a bit more time? Can you conquer the world? Go crazy? You know, uniqueness lies in imperfection and vulnerability.


The first time you see the towels you want to put in on display. We encourage you not to do so. Please admire them for a moment but take a moment to unwrap them and wash the them with care and indulge in the bold colors and start creating your experience.